We help people realize Deliberative Democracy 

and resolve Social Conflicts with creative solutions.

We creatively settle social conflicts upon major conflicts and national projects in our society.

We, as non-partial organization, perform activities and conduct researches promoting autonomous problem-solving among stakeholders.

Conflict Mediation

Seoul National Hospital

Miryang Power Transmission Line

Power Transmission Line Location-Allocation

Demonstration Project on 'Third-Party' Based Power Transmission Line

Preservation of Backdodaegan Moutain Range in National Parks


We resolves social issues by formulating public opinions through citizen participation and deliberation

we proceed the process of forming consensus and make mini-public deliberation neutrally for social conflicts of confrontation people’s thoughts and interests.

National Indaba 2014

Balanced Development in Seoul 

Nuclear Reactors No. 5 & 6



Gwangju Metropolitan Subway Line No.2 Construction

Appointing New President of 
Broadcasting System (KBS)


We provides professional and systematic training programs for conflict prevention and resolution

We help stakeholders to better understand and communicate to resolve social conflicts about uncertain risks.

Public / private conflict education.

Risk Communication and Training Specialists

Mediator’s Academy with Local Government, Council, Business

Mediator’s Academy with KEPCO and KHNP

Citizen Workshop for Electromagnetic Wave Risk

Mediator Training Academy with Local Government


Public and Private Sector Consultations

We expands infrastructures for communication and cooperation in Korean Society.

We provide communication and conflict advisory services to public institutions, NGOs, and private companies.We also publish conflict resolution case booklet, and help interacting solidarity between government and Non-government related to conflict.

Publishing  ‘Communication and Conflict Management’

Case Analysis for Conflict Mediation

Overseas Training

Consultations for Public Institutions